A few XenoPanel Features...

Managing a gaming server can be challenging without the right tools. Enquiring these tools take multiple platforms and significant amounts of money. Before XenoPanel, the options have been limited and expensive for a solution that offered the features you required. XenoPanel provides a powerful and featureful solution while keeping the cost shockingly low. If you have a small or gigantic server, or even your hosting company — XenoPanel has everything you need.

XenoPanel is the next-generation control panel for games such as Minecraft, CS: GO, Garry's Mod and will soon be adding support for voice servers such as TeamSpeak3. Our primary goal is to provide a cheap but powerful solution that is constantly updated every week, providing features requested by the community. XenoPanel is a rapidly growing control panel designed for and by gamers, built from the ground up with amazing, dedicated round-the-clock support ready to assist you.

One-Click Installer

3000+ Versions & Modpacks.

File Manager

Built-In Custom File Manager

Plugin Installer

Bukkit & Spigot Plugins

Sub Users

Mass Permission Options

Rapid Updates

Updates 1-3 times per week


You decide what's added.

Addons & Themes

Rapidly Growing Collection

Unlimited Servers

Pay Per Machine

Versions & Modpacks
Supported Games
Total Features

Cheapest prices, custom features, thousands of preinstalled server-types, frequent updates by a dedicated team—you can’t go wrong with XenoPanel. Now is the best time to sign on!