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About XenoPanel

Managing a gaming server can be challenging without the right tools.

Acquiring these tools takes sometimes multiple platforms and significant amounts of money or time.
Before XenoPanel, the options have been limited and expensive for a solution that offered everything you needed, looked great and does not take hours to install.

XenoPanel is the next-generation game control panel for games such as Minecraft, CS:GO, Garry's Mod and Voice Services as Teamspeak 3.

All of the services supported by XenoPanel come with an in-depth console to see the status of your server and control it using features such as start, stop restart, reinstall or update.

Supported Games & Services

XenoPanel is constantly looking to expand its collection of supported games and these are decided by our community each month. Every service added to XenoPanel can be configured in the panel and the startup command lines can be edited giving both the admins and server owners the ability to configure the server how they want.

If we're missing a game you would like to add then we offer a game import/export system where users can create, edit and share game configurations with each other.

We currently support 8 Source Games, Minecraft PC, Minecraft PE and Teamspeak 3.
If you would like to view the full list of supported services click here.

Consistent Development

Constant development is one of the many reasons people choose XenoPanel over others. XenoPanel aims to release an update each weekend or two and these contain new features, re-developed features and fixes.

When XenoPanel pushes an update to the public everyone can update the panel in under 5 minutes using the automatic updater. XenoPanel even takes automatic backups before and after updating.

If you would like to view the full list of published build updated click here.

3rd Party Support & API

XenoPanel is built upon the ideas and opinions of our community and with these we have developed systems that allow developers to create custom addons, themes and systems around XenoPanel API.

XenoPanel offers a free WHMCS Module that can be used by any client that uses a paid daemon license and we're working on supporting Blesta and Box-Billing in the future. With our Modules it works based on a system we call 'Module Plans' that allow the configuration of products to be setup and managed from within the panel and comes with a large amount of options.

Along with being able to develop your own custom addons and themes, we also have a Marketplace where users can submit addons and themes they have developed and offer them to the XenoPanel community for free or even paid meaning you could earn 75% commission per sale on any theme or addon you add into the marketplace.

We're always looking to expand our 3rd party support and if you are ever missing something from our API, then get in contact with us. We aim to get all API requests added into the panel by the next released build.

One-Click Installer

5500+ Versions & Modpacks.

File Manager

Built-In Custom File Manager

Plugin Installer

Bukkit & Spigot Plugins

Sub Users

Mass Permission Options

Rapid Updates

Updates 1-4 times per month


You decide what's added.

Addons & Themes

Rapidly Growing Collection

24/7 Support

Support Tickets

In-Depth Monitoring

Track Players, Nodes & Servers

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