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Managing a gaming server can be challenging without the right tools. Enquiring these tools take multiple platforms and great amounts of money. Before XenoPanel, the options have been limited and expensive for a solution that offered the features you required. XenoPanel offers a powerful and featureful solution while keeping the cost shockingly low. If you have a small or gigantic server, or even your own hosting company — XenoPanel has everything you need.


Deploy and control all nodes and servers from a single center point control panel.

Fast & Easy

Install and customize XenoPanel within minutes. Have problems? We have mass documents.

Flat Fee

Create and use 3rd party modules and addons with our powerful API for extra functionality.

Integration & API

Create and use 3rd party modules and addons with our powerful API for extra functionality.

Updates & Features

XenoPanel pushes updates out weekly for all clients offering new features, addons & themes.

Community Driven

We are nothing without our currently, we base all our changes and features around what YOU want.

Web screen

Give it a try

Why just look at boring screenshots when you can take it for a test-drive on our client and admin demo control panel? And if you have any questions, talk to us via LiveChat.


We've prepared answers to some of the questions that you might want to ask.

How does the panel work?

The panel is a machine that will control remote machines via screens on CentOS. No panel files are stored on remote machines other than the license key. We place no limits on servers or slots but only on the number of machines you add, giving you full control of how many servers you want inside a machine.

How does the license work?

Each Slave is checked every 24 hours for an active license. If the license has expired or is invalid, no servers will work and you will be notified in the admin area. License keys are locked onto machines based on the IP Address. This means you cannot use the same license twice and unable to reissue keys unless you contact support.

Is it hard to install?

It is extremely fast! Installing the master takes around 10 minutes, while a slave machine can take around 3 minutes. If you get stuck, you can go through our handy documents to help you out. And if you still encounter any issues or problems then our support team is always ready to assist you, once click away.