A few XenoPanel Features...

Managing a gaming server can be challenging without the right tools. Enquiring these tools take multiple platforms and significant amounts of money. Before XenoPanel, the options have been limited and expensive for a solution that offered the features you required. XenoPanel provides a powerful and featureful solution while keeping the cost shockingly low. If you have a small or gigantic server, or even your hosting company — XenoPanel has everything you need.

XenoPanel is the next-generation control panel for games such as Minecraft, CS: GO, Garry's Mod and will soon be adding support for voice servers such as TeamSpeak3. Our primary goal is to provide a cheap but powerful solution that is constantly updated every week, providing features requested by the community. XenoPanel is a rapidly growing control panel designed for and by gamers, built from the ground up with amazing, dedicated round-the-clock support ready to assist you.

One-Click Installer

3000+ Versions & Modpacks.

File Manager

Built-In Custom File Manager

Plugin Installer

Bukkit & Spigot Plugins

Sub Users

Mass Permission Options

Rapid Updates

Updates 1-3 times per week


You decide what's added.

Addons & Themes

Rapidly Growing Collection

Unlimited Servers

Pay Per Machine

Versions & Modpacks
Supported Games
Total Features

A few XenoPanel Partners...

XenoPanel has amazing staff that are their to help you, and they are truly in it for the customers. They take into consideration what the user wants in a game control panel and they give the users what they want, it's a game control panel unlike any others that I know of so far. Very user friendly, always improving, and growing in potential every update! I would recommend XenoPanel over Multicraft for Minecraft Servers especially, they have an amazing one-click installer and the User Interface is up to modern standards.

KadotyGamer - KadotaTech Hosting