XenoPanel² is a rapid growing Game Control Panel for Game Servers and Voice Servers.

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About XenoPanel

Managing a gaming server can be challenging without the right tools. Acquiring these tools takes sometimes multiple platforms and significant amounts of money or time. Before XenoPanel, the options have been limited and expensive for a solution that offered everything you needed, looked great and does not take hours to install. XenoPanel provides a powerful and featureful solution that offers everything in one place, takes minutes to install & keeps the pricing shockingly low.

XenoPanel is the next-generation control panel for games such as Minecraft, CS:GO, Garry's Mod and Voice Servers.
Our primary goal is to provide a cheap but powerful solution that is updated constantly offering the best possible platform.

XenoPanel Featues

One-Click Installer

5500+ Versions & Modpacks.

File Manager

Built-In Custom File Manager

Plugin Installer

Bukkit & Spigot Plugins

Sub Users

Mass Permission Options

Rapid Updates

Updates 1-4 times per month


You decide what's added.

Addons & Themes

Rapidly Growing Collection

24/7 Support

Discord & Tickets

In-Depth Monitoring

Track Players, Nodes & Servers

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