XenoPanel Features

Take a look at what XenoPanel offers. If we're missing something you require or desire then give us a shout!
With our Marketplace system, we develop addons, themes & more for public or public requests.

Supported Games

Minecraft PC
Minecraft PE
Counter Strike Source
Garrys Mod
Team Fortress 2
Arma 3
More Coming Soon!

Supported Voice Services

TeamSpeak 3

Our Main Features

Pricing Scheme

Per Machine (Monthly)

Minecraft PC Support

5000+ Versions/Modpacks

Minecraft PE Support

Nukkit, Pocketmine & Apollo

Source Games Support

ALL SteamCMD Games

Voice Servers Support

Teamspeak 3

One-Click Installers

Over 5000 One-Click Installers

2-Factor Authentication

Google Authentication

Custom File Manager

Custom-built with FTP Access

Sub Users

Create, Edit & Control Sub-Users

DNS & MySQL Manager

Cloudflare DNS & MySQL Databases

Server Migration

Easily migrate servers between Nodes

Backup Systems

Automated & Manual Backups

Extra Ports Manager

Deploy ports for plugins or scripts

Node & Server Monitoring

In-Depth Stats & Graphs

Player Management

View & Control players


Themes, Addons & Extras (FREE/PAID)

Open Source Frontend

Change anything you see in seconds!

Startup Scripts

Tweak how the startup checks run

FastDL & Backup Servers

Remote servers for FastDL and Backups

Automated Updates

Update Direct from within XenoPanel

Template Manager

Edit template files within XenoPanel

Mod Manager

Source Games Mod Manager / Install System

Per Server Storage Limits

Give each server a custom storage limit

Per Server/Node CPU Limits

Pick between per server or per node CPU Limits

Our Other Features

Admin Configuration
Themes & Addons
Game Selectors
Multi-Node Controlling
Multi-Server Controlling
CloudFlare API
Update Checker
Server Controls
Console & Commands
Server Configuration
Custom File Manager
Plugin Installer
Version Installer
Modpack Installer
Map Installer (SOON)
Subdomain Manager
MySQL Manager
Custom Server Tasks
Whitelist Manager
Ban Manager
OP Manager
Backup System
Players List
Access Logs
Developer API
Statistics System
Status Banners
Extra Port Creator
Maintenance Mode
Sub Users
Community Chat (SOON)
Dedicated Manager
Admin API
Client Manager
Server Manager
Alerts Manager
Billing Modules
Banner Manager (SOON)
Ports Checker
Google 2FA
Over 5000 Versions / Modpacks
Table Structure
Table Pruning
File Structure Permissions
More Coming Soon!

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