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What is the Discord Webhooks Addon?

Discord is an ever-growing platform on the same lines of skype and teamspeak mixed into one big bundle.

Using Webhooks created on Discord you can use this plugin to send messages into a set channel and this can be used by any addon or core feature when set.

This feature is very lightweight by default and is open source for you to tweak if you need something a little more custom.


- Open Source!
- Lightweight!
- Call this addon from any other addon.


By default this addon works with any other addon, meaning if XenoPanel developers or other developers create an addon then they can use the Discord Webhooks addon inside the addon to send messages into a discord channel.

The line of code below uses the core XenoPanel function "load_addon" to check if the addon exists, and if it does - Run the webhook.

    'logger' => $logger, 
    'database' => $database, 
    'name' => 'discord_webhooks', 
    'file' => 'run', 
    'user' => $user_array, 
    // success, warning, danger, primary
    'color' => 'success',
    'title' => 'Title Here...',
    'message' => 'Message Here...',
    'url' => 'http://url.com'


1. Order the addon from the download link below. (This addon is free!)
2. Once accepted, download the file from the product area.
3. Upload the folder named 'discord_webhooks' to /addons/ in your panel location.
4. Login to Phpmyadmin and copy the contents of sql.sql into the table "SQL" tab.
5. Nagivate to Admin Dashboard > Addon Configuration > Discord Webhooks and enable the addon.
6. Done! The addon is good to go and can be configured at Admin Dashboard > Addon Configuration > Discord Webhooks


You can download the addon here: https://billing.xenopanel.com/cart.php?a=add&pid=24

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