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What is the Node Status addon?

By default XenoPanel offers Node status and in-depth details via the admin dashboard however if you're offering a service to people such as a hosting company, it's always a great idea to have somewhere these users can see the status of nodes.

This addon hooks into the core node monitoring feature meaning no extra services needed to keep the nodes status up to date.

Version 1.0 of this addon is a basic stable concept and updates will be pushed to extend the current features over time.

This Addon is OPEN SOURCE meaning you can configure and edit the source code to match your needs at any time.


- List All Nodes Status
- Hooks into the current CORE CRON Monitoring
- View in-depth graphs per node
- Change the List detail boxes via the config


1. Order the addon from the download link below. (This addon is free!)
2. Once accepted, download the file from the product area.
3. Upload the folder named 'node_status' to /addons/ in your panel location.
4. Login to Phpmyadmin and copy the contents of sql.sql into the table "SQL" tab.
5. Nagivate to Admin Dashboard > Addon Configuration > Node Status and enable the addon.
6. Add the text below into your .htaccess
# Support Tickets
RewriteRule ^status/?([^/]*)$ addons/node_status/init?type=$1 [L]
7. Add the text below into your /views/templetes/templete_here/sections/navigations/pages.php

8. Done! The addon is good to go and the configuration is located at Admin Dashboard > Addon Configuration > Node Status


You can download the addon here: https://billing.xenopanel.com/cart.php?a=add&pid=25

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