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XenoPanel² - Pre-Moon #1 - Pre-Moon #3 (Build #2-4)

Now, we can all agree that XenoPanel² at launch is already better than XenoPanel one but that doesn't mean XenoPanel² is perfect.

XenoPanel² launched and we right away got into action working on any bugs that presented around the community. We decided to push a Pre-Moon build our main Moon build to ensure everyone has a stable XenoPanel² ready to be used in production.

Below are the changed in Pre-Moon #1 / Pre-Moon #2 / Pre-Moon #3.

I would like to thank everyone who reported bugs to us.. We've got tons to come and I hope you'll all still with us as we grow!

Pre-Moon #1 Update Guide - https://xenopanel.com/updates?id=2
Pre-Moon #2 Update Guide - https://xenopanel.com/updates?id=3

[NEW] Pre-Moon #3 Update Guide - https://xenopanel.com/updates?id=4

Pre-Moon #1
Added: Console Delay Graphcs Addon (View Here)
Added: Composer to be used for usage with Logging, Guzzle & Whoops!
Added: Internal logging for ERRORS, INFO & DEBUGGING [ $logger->type('message'); ] (Read in Docs).
Added: Medoo will be used for Triggers and Addons for both XP Developers and anyone who developers them!
Added: Failed connection now shows errors.
Added: Errors will now display if MariaDB is not currently installed.
Added: Triggers that can run on events that allow you to extend the core code with your own custom features/addons. (Read in Docs)
Added: The ability to make custom addons triggered by a specific page, all pages or your own custom pages. (Read in Docs)
Added: The basic concept of includes/config.cfg ready to be used in the Moon update more in-depth for panel and daemon.
Pre-Moon #2
Added: Support Ticket Addon (View Here)
Added: Discord Webhooks Addon (View Here)
Added: Better error displaying to combat blank pages on installation.
Added: The Admin Dashboard will now show a warning bar if you're using an out of date build.
Added: $general->CLEAN and $general->UNCLEAN to be used in addons for easy encode/decode.
Added: license_key and license_local into includes/config.cfg ready for a future update.
Pre-Moon #3
Added: Node Status Addon (View Here)
Added: If node name is empty, it'll use node- followed by a random number.
Added: Logging in logs/ for both CRONS and LICENSE checks.
Added: Better debugging for Free Daemon vs Paid Daemon
Added: New License System that detects from the panel rather than remove machines.

Pre-Moon #1
Fixed: Subdomains Addon showing as no configuration needed.
Fixed: Invalid Google Short URL on the Games Manager pages.
Fixed: Node names including a dash would never work.
Fixed: General API "check_key" failing if the "access" param was "0".
Fixed: Fixed issues with Module Plans not selecting "random" or "latest" if enabled.
Fixed: Change password failed to update its new password after change of password_verify.
Fixed: WHMCS Module API didn't detect "least" or specific locations based on $node->NodeArray().
Fixed: Updating user accounts via the admin panel reporting save but not updating the database.
Fixed: If creating a server or node failed, it didn't report correctly and update to show failed data.
Fixed: Sub users view pages [ $user->CSRF_FORM(); ] failed due to class of variable / class variable.
Fixed: Charts on the first col-md-6 being dropped down as the Mass Control buttons had incorrect padding.
Fixed: Consoles line count would shows at 0 if bungee was false and it used didnt decide between log files.
Fixed: Marketplace loaded the developers version of the marketplace list.
Pre-Moon #2
Fixed: Fixed custom addons displaying a blank page on the "none" location option.
Fixed: Triggers failing to load addons that have been called inside an addon.
Fixed: Issues creating servers due to an overlapping file structure.
Fixed: CSRF checking failed its checks every time for custom addons.
Fixed: Source games getting stuck on an install loop.
Pre-Moon #3
Fixed: FTP Servers assumed server ID checking due to htaccess using ?id= (now ?fid=).
Fixed: The addon init failed to load some core systems depending on the file location.
Fixed: 2FA check sometimes failed because of the second stage check outdated code.
Fixed: Create Client from Admin Dashboard failed to set passwords.
Fixed: Game Server Variables would override some of the others depending on the key.
Fixed: The displaying on MCPE jar would display as .jar even if the config was set to .phar
Fixed: Fixed inputs being used in source games command lines even if disabled.

Pre-Moon #1
Tweaked: Delete node showing as Delete server on the popup Modal.
Tweaked: Correct miss-type in Create/Edit Server showing "slow" instead of "slot".
Tweaked: pstree missing from the slave script.. Some OS's didn't have it by default.
Tweaked: On node creation the way directory structure generated has been tweaked.
Tweaked: Console delay now measures only the connection time, not full length process.
Tweaked: Authentication pages when showing the alert bar went -25px above the page.
Tweaked: Changed up some console formatting for the colours that now also include bold.
Tweaked: The footer now says 2018 rather than 2017.. Had to be done.
Tweaked: Installer XenoPanel logo redirected to beta.xenopanel.com.. Silly me!
Pre-Moon #2
Tweaked: Removed client_info from the MariaDB checker to clean up install issues.
Tweaked: Addons configuration to allow "_" in addon names.
Tweaked: Corrected a mistake on the dashboars saying "Servers Offline" rather than "Servers Online"
Tweaked: Marketplace now shows if the item is compatible with the current version installed or not.
Tweaked: Addon debugging when an addon is attempted from anything but manual.
Pre-Moon #3
Tweaked: Little boo boo where the example addon config said pain instead of paid.
Tweaked: Footer brand checking has been tweaked to fix infinate loops on custom addon failing.
Tweaked: Removed some un-needed PID updates in console actions and this should improve speeds.
Tweaked: Removed pushing the new PID too fast to ensure the PID is correct and doesn't flicker.
Tweaked: Changed the way console log files work on start to ensure installers dont loop.
Tweaked: Added a check for possible servers been killed(rebooted) when others booted up.
Tweaked: Sooo.. yeah. changed 'templetes' to 'templates' because we're english.. right?

Kind Regards,
Liam Denston - XenoPanel Lead Developer

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