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XenoPanel² - Moon Builds

You can update your panel by going to Admin Dashboard > Modifications > Updater

Added: Brand new frontend design replacing the current "default" design.
Added: [BETA (hidden)] Servers now have a "Dashboard" - This is a custom area full with widgets that can be re-ordered and toggled.
Added: [BETA] Teamspeak 3, the first voice server service has been added into the panel!
Added: [BETA] Mobile Responsive, it's not perfect.. but it's a huge start for mobile design.
Added: Latest logging allows you to view the .log files live, updated via the admin area.
Added: Pulse Checker lists XenoPanel files and displays the status of every file permission.
Added: Table Structures lists all XenoPanel database tables, details about them and allows you to purge!
Added: Template Manager allows you to make changes to any of your views or assets within the panel.
Added: XenoPanel updater now checks, pre-downloads and updates your XenoPanel to each of the latest versions.
Added: Deleting of server files on terminate both in-panel and panel-api (Following Module Plans).
Added: Creating Nodes now has a full debug console to display the status of progress and problems.
Added: Source Games now auto update on server start to ensure the server is at its latest version.
Added: A metric MOON ton of debug messages, warnings, systems and more.
Re-developed: The Servers list has been re-designed to better match the new panel design.
Re-developed: Creating Nodes has been both re-designed, and backend re-done!
Re-developed: The init.php for all CRONS has been reworked to fix delays and add logging.
Re-developed: All auth pages (login, register, 2fa, forgot-password) have been redesigned.
Re-developed: All current addons have been switched over to the new theme design.
Re-developed: Checking for MariaDB should be less of a false positive. (client_info check removed)
Re-developed: SESSIONS and CSRF reworked to allow multiple pages by the same person concurrently.
Fixed: Daemon amounts will default to 1 FREE Daemon if it's found as 0 or unset.
Fixed: Failing on creating nodes, servers & clients will refresh to show the api alert.
Fixed: Fixed the FastDL CRON timing out when zipping the fastl dl content before transfer.
Fixed: MySQL Databases addon not showing or working because of a mixed up short name.
Fixed: Banned users were still able to login if they didn't have auth enabled.
Fixed: Node Monitoring reported current storage as blank if the node was offline last.
Fixed: Page view permissions based on the gametype the server is using.
Fixed: Subdomains should now show and work for all services.
Fixed: Module API Plans should now work with all locations (only random/least worked).
Fixed: -insecure setting for Source Games validated the wrong way around (true/blank).
Fixed: Source Games now run ./srcds_run rather than ./srcds_linux to correct issues.
Fixed: MCPE would assume it's installed if its noticed a .phar but failed as php was missing.
Fixed: Memory is added back onto the nodes "memory left" when a server is deleted via API.
Fixed: File manager views didn't manage to get $server[] correctly.
Tweaked: Removed Google jsapi for charts as they are now unused.
Tweaked: Removed icons from close to all form inputs.
Tweaked: Added some pre-check systems ready for the Daemon.
Tweaked: Changed branding around the panel from "Game" to "Service".
Tweaked: Changes a few things in the apiv1 for better support with node selecting.
Tweaked: Changed default memory if empty to 0 instead of 1024 to match source/voice standards.
Tweaked: Default amount of daemons on a license is now 1 free daemon if found as 0.
Tweaked: Panel Statistics have been removed from authentication pages.
Added: Minecraft PC & Minecraft PE now have a Configuration Page
Added: Versions and Modpacks now has a search bar.
Added: You can now edit the total_memory of a node (IE: Overselling)
Re-developed: Licenses are now run along side the CRONS rather than on requests.
Fixed: Updater toggled out of test mode into production updater.
Fixed: Updater corrects file permissions & added a cancel system.
Tweaked: Minor tweaks around the panel.
Fixed: Headers and Navigation failed to load.
Tweaked: Composer changed from requested, to required.
Tweaked: Minor tweaks around the panel.
Added: Debugging added for license checking in includes/local/
Re-developed: Database Creating has been re-developed and is inside protected actions rather than cron.
Fixed: Databases created, but would not merge permissions. All fixed!
Fixed: Creating a source server defined as blank gametype. (1/2)
Fixed: License checks sometimes flicking between failed/success.
Fixed: Error when trying to search for a custom JAR name.
Tweaked: The updater will now re-do the vendor directory on an update.
Tweaked: ->Admin Server Delete text changed as it now removes files compared to before.
Tweaked: Cleaned up the CRON init a little bit more to better handle stats checking.
Fixed: Creating source servers defined as blank gametype. (2/2)
Fixed: Creating servers and selecting source now hides memory.
Fixed: APIv1 failed license checks... oops. (v2 is in the works)
Fixed: Creating servers will now refresh on error to display.
Fixed: Sub-Domains addon saving domain issues.
Tweaked: Changed images on the Add Servers page.
Tweaked: Removed local license checking from Create Server.
Added: Client Monitoring (PAID Daemons ONLY) [BETA]
Added: Tracking of the daemon licenses state (free/paid/unlimited)
Added: Map Installer for Minecraft, hidden till the CDN is complete. [BETA]
Added: Internal MySQL checks for the update rather than a .sql file needed.
Added: The installer now has a requirments checker.. basic currently.
Re-developed: Alerts now goto the bottom of the page in a fixed state rather than header.
Re-developed: Alerts such as the admin area now use $apiv1->alert rather than custom.
Re-developed: The console GET now checks for game types of log to allow better line splitting.
Re-developed: Checking for if the console is empty has been re-developed to stop blank console.
Re-developed: FTP Details now has its own page rather than a popup.
Fixed: The created server on create server page is now in-line with col-md-12
Fixed: Images going back to the old version of images on create has been fixed.
Fixed: Tracking of the Updater has been fixed so we can tell who is updating.
Fixed: Little extra debugging added to apiv1 for daemons and no_node_found
Fixed: apiv1 not working for plan locations other than random or least.
Fixed: XenoPanel logo had a random gridmenu on hover sometimes.
Fixed: EULA and Versions insteller didnt post messages into console correctly.
Fixed: Sub Users icons are now updated to FA and are showing again.
Tweaked: Source games ports now +10 between server instead of +1.
Tweaked: Removed comodojo/zip from composer as its now unused.
Tweaked: Removed external logging for licenses that are suspended/invalid/expired.
Tweaked: Added better debug warnings to blank pages to stop silly Discord questions.
Tweaked: db.php not writable now tells the user to disable SELinux.
Tweaked: Reset FTP Password is no longer visible to Sub-Users
Tweaked: Sub Users acon is now on the main navigation along with top right dropdown.
Added: Servers now have individual storage limits (internal/api/plans)
Added: Nodes now have CPU Limits that are used as default limits [-1 for unlimited]. (internal/api/plans)
Added: Servers now have CPU Limits that override the default Nodes Limits. [-1 for unlimited]. (internal/api/plans)
Added: Source Games now have a Mod Manager and Default comes with 4 mods installed. (internal/api/plans)
Added: Sentry.io has been added for cross-panel debugging. Enabled only for larger clients and enabled only with debug mode.
Added: User Notifications to go along side user alerts. Details can be found in the Documentation.
Added: Internal SQL updates have been added rather than needing details on update.
Added: File Manager now allows the use of GIT CLONE for Source Game Servers.
Added: Servers now can run a PRE-BOOT .sh script from within /home/XenoPanel/scripts/pre-boot.
Added: Another Server Memory checker to prevent memory tweaking plugins even more.
Re-developed: Main Panel Configuration
Re-developed: The Admin Servers Lists have been re-developed.
Re-developed: The Admin Clients List has been re-developed.
Re-developed: License checking has been re-developed for better checks.
Re-developed: File Manager button layout changed from icons to text.
Re-developed: Memory amount in use per node now updates with the CRON to ensure accuracy.
Re-developed: FTP details are now on its own page rather than a popup on the server sidebar.
Fixed: Some .htaccess issues in game_configuration.
Fixed: Total Memory editing on Node Configuration has been resolved.
Fixed: Server Monitoring Storage checks has been fixed to show correct %.
Fixed: File Manager downloader not working depending on the extention.
Fixed: API Access now redirects to the same page rather than dashboard.
Fixed: Console GET storage % has been fixed and will also work with new Server limits.
Fixed: Switched server_pid back to getting it from the node rather than db.
Fixed: Admin alert bars assuming PHP is HTML has been fixed.
Fixed: Roughly 15 reported minor bugs.
Tweaked: Module Plans buttons have been made larger on the lists section.
Tweaked: Offset has been fixed on Module Plans.
Tweaked: Updater has had MySQL inputs removed as it now uses internal updates.
Tweaked: Removed Average Players for the time being from View Nodes.
Tweaked: Moved all license check functions to the checker only.
Tweaked: Console KILL buttons changed from info to primary. Yummy.
Tweaked: MySQL Errors should be more visible now.
Tweaked: Panels inside a sub-domain should now redirect correctly when not logged in.
Tweaked: Installer will no longer prevent install even if the requirments are not met.
Tweaked: Allow the download of zips from the File Manager.

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