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XenoPanel² - 2018 Roadmap

A popular question we get asked is whats planned for 2018 and the future of XenoPanel².

Panels can only truly have a select amount of features before its hit the limit of what it can offer.

We've always had the idea in mind we want XenoPanel² to be an all-in-one solution and with this being said, we have a lot planned for the future that other panels do not offer.

Traditionally with XenoPanel² we aimed to do updates every weekend, every two weekends if the update was a main build such as the Moon build.

We call each push in code a "build" rather than "update" as each of the builds we push, could be tweaks in code or a very large expansion but having them as "builds" keeps it simple.

With our Updater system in build #6 we are now planning to push builds every 2-3 days however you may also notice a times we push builds a couple times a day or few days.

With the increase in builds, you should notice bugs get fixed faster, features are constantly flowing out and the panel is ever expanding.

XenoPanel is driven by the community. With every build we release, the aim is to push out changes that the community have requested via our Trello, Requesting system or bug report system.

Our planned features, changes & upgrades are public and you can vote for each of these cards. The more votes the cards get, the higher than chance the card will be put as top priority.

You can view here trello @ https://trello.com/b/Mni9WtSn/xenopanel2

If you would like to request a feature be placed onto our roadmap then you can do so here: https://xenopanel.com/request.

If you notice a bug and would like to report it to get fixed in the next build please do it here: https://xenopanel.com/bugs.

These days alot of people want large dedicated machines but dislike the idea of setting up the machine, installing dependenciesand then having issues with upkeep.

We plan to re-develop a secret feature that was in XenoPanel1 but this time alot more featureful. Private Machines allows the panel admins to create a node, and dedicate it to a specific user.

When a user is given a node they have full control on the servers created, memory, slots, games and more. This feature essentially gives the user admin access ONLY to the node they have dedicated to them.

This feature is planned for Q2 and is undecided if it'll be for "Unlimited Daemons" only, or any paid daemon.

Upgrading some of the core system is not an easy task as alot of the existing code will need to be re-writen however it's something we've been planning for a while now.

One of the biggest tasks currently in-progress is completing our own Custom Daemon to replace the current SSH connection method and this will improve security, speeds & addons.

The current system for connection has never caused issues and has never been classed as priority to re-develop however it's about time we improve this system to handle high loads.

The Daemon nicknamed "Satellite" is planned to be released with the "Sun" build however this currently has no ETA other than Q2-Q3.

Game Support is something we have been holding off till our community tested enough of the current game configuration system to ensure everything worked.

Most games when tested can be added without issues, but some games need custom scripts, libraries or don't offer locking of ips/ports via the command line.

We've planned to add support for roughly 6 games into our default collection by the start or middle of Q2.

If you've got a game you would like to see added into XenoPanel then feel free to request it here: https://xenopanel.com/request

With the change in how we handle our license taking shape, we can now introduce systems that are enabled for paid daemons only.

This system is not to up-sell paid daemons or to limit free daemons but to offer features that free daemons typically wouldn't or shouldn't have.

A great example of a feature free daemons wouldn't use but paid daemons would is being able to monitor, track other users currently on the panel and this is great for hosting companies.

We're looking to expand our feature set at a default state, but will also offer alot of addons to the free daemons as compensation. These changes will be in Q2.

XenoPanel aims to offer an all in one system and with this in mind we plan to work on a website system that will users to create a "Website" with limits set by the panel.

The website will be module based to the same scope of Enjin but the higher end, such as SquareSpace but with a multi-website system rather than single based.

As the Panel holds the websites, each module will be able to contact the XenoPanel API for the servers they are running and this means you can have module such as server status, bans managment, live chat and more.

The website system is planned to be Q2-Q3 however will be given to BETA Testers first as this is a heavy system compared to other features.

Aiming to be used with paid-daemons for the clients who own hosts or offer a service we plan to introduce a livechat feature, community chat feature and features that will offer direct communication between client and host.

Adding on from the idea of our current support ticket system here: https://xenopanel.com/marketplace?id=9 these features will be disabled by default and only offered to paid-daemons.

The communication system are planned to be in Q3 at the latest.

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