XenoPanel Pricing

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$25.00 / one-time / daemon
  • Unlimited Servers Per Daemon
  • No Max Daemon Limit
  • Unlimited User Account
  • Unlimited Sub-Users
  • Commercial Use Allowed
Order Licenses

XenoPanel offers a 24 hour refund policy . If you're not happy with whats offered in the 24 hours, we'll give you a full refund!

What is a daemon?

A Daemon, also known as 'Satellite', is the service used to control services by the panels API and each machine also known as a node you add into XenoPanel requires a Daemon to run. You can upgrade or downgrade your license at any time.

Do you offer a WHMCS Module?

Yes! The WHMCS Module uses our unique Module Plan system build into the panel and we offer a FREE open source WHMCS Module that you can learn more about here: https://houston.xenopanel.com/d/14-install-xenopanel-whmcs-module

Does one daemon license mean I can add unlimited machines?

For each machine you will need a daemon added onto the license when purchasing and these can be upgraded whenever. When you select Free Daemon you will be limited to 1 daemon (remote machine) and 3 servers, but using standard Daemon amounts, for each daemon you have, equals one remote machine you can add to the panel.

Can I install the panel on the same machine as the servers?

Yes! Once you have installed the panel, you simply treat the local machine as a remote or separate node when adding it and everything will work as normal. We, however, recommend keeping the panel and servers separate. If you are looking for a way to host the panel, then we suggest using a simple OVH VPS with 1+GB RAM.

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