XenoPanel Roadmap

We're constantly looking to improve and add onto our collection of features and themes.
Our community decides what gets done or not. Vote for what you would like to see XenoPanel have in the future!

Voice Support

Offer deploying and managment of all voice services including TS3.

Donation System

Used by Minecraft servers, the donation system is a built-in version of buycraft or minecraftmarket offered to all users.

Website System

Clients can create a website based on the sub domains they create and setup blogs, voting, status, forums and more for players to use.

Demo Servers

Allow users to use a demo server slot and try our XenoPanel for an hour. Set how many slots and how long they have.

Server Widgets

Use pre-defined widgets to place on websites to display server status and details.

Remote Backups

Automated node backups ran with intervals set by the admin settings.

Bungee Config & Viewer

Create and edit any bungee server or config with a built-in addon.

Manual Version & ModPack adding.

XenoGet API handles all version, but what if a host or user wants to add something that's missing or custom? This is the addon.

Permissions Manager

Manage permissions for GroupManager or PermissionsEX using the panel.

Status Banners

Banner images with a built-in server status such as online/offline.

Java 7 & 8

Give the ability for the admin area to toggle the usage of java 7 & 8.

Ban Managment System

Using a custom XenoPanel plugin you will be able to manage bans, kicks, mutes and more from XenoPanel.

Server Sync & Deploy

Using Server Sync you are able to sync one server to any number of other servers you own such as syncing plugin configs, worlds, ban list & more. The system would run using Task or by using a button function.

Blesta Module

A pre-made Blesta module used to create and manage servers just like our WHMCS Module.

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